Frequently Asked Questions

Where is the product from?

Most of the vinyl planks comes from China or Korea. It doesn’t matter the name, it is always from overseas.

Is 5mm better them 3mm for wearing?

It doesn’t matter. The wear layer is what you need to look at. Not the thickness.

What is the best most vinyl plank made off?

The primary components of vinyl floorcoverings include polyvinyl chloride (or vinyl) resins, plasticizers (high molecular-weight solvents), pigments and trace stabilizers, and a carrier sheet or backing. You can find vinyl planks using 40% or 50% of recycled materials on it composition but the best product is the one that has 100% of non-recycled materials on it composition.

Does vinyl plank shrink or expand?

Yes! 100% vinyl can shrink or expand up to 0.16 mm. Recycled Vinyl plank can shrink or expand up to 0.32 mm.

What is the best installation process?

We always recommend applying direct glue to dry back products. Do not use pealing stick type products as these vinyl planks have lower quality compared to the dry back products.

Should there be climatization time periods?

In our installation information page, we recommend vinyl plank to be installed in a cool environment. Vinyl will grow when heated / warm and will shrink when cooled / cold.

What glue do you use for vinyl plank?

We recommend pressure sensitive glues Armstrong S-288 and Trowel #25

What subfloors are the best when re-sheating?

We recommend Enstorme 3/8 as it has 15 years warranty. Do not screw! Use ¼ crown to staples 1 inch in length.

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