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Essence Carpet

  • Benefits

    Environmentally Friendly Manufacturing Process

    • 30% Less Energy Consumption
    • 42% Less Greenhouse Emissions
    • 87% Less Water


    Features & Benefits

    • Stain Resistance. Our PureColor carpets are made with built-in stain resistance delivering superior protection even after multiple cleanings.
    • Cleanability. PureColor carpets are made with built-in bleach resistance. Spot cleaning with a bleach solution can take out virtually all stains with ease.
    • Fade Resistance. PureColor carpets are made with built-in fade resistance, so the color stays vibrant even when exposed to harsh sunlight or high-traffic areas.
    • High-Definition Visuals. PureColor carpets are made with solution-dyed yarns that result in superior color clarity.
    • Color Consistency. PureColor fiber technology matches colors accurately and consistently from room to room.
    • SoilShield Protection. SoilShield prevents dirt from adhering to the carpet so it vacuums away easily.
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